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1. How do I start my journey with Safe Asset?

Its very simple. Speak to our relationship manager and understand the process and functioning .

2. What is the minimum investment?

Minimum Investment is 25 Lakhs and in multiples. Investment will go into  company ‘s account.

3. Is there any Lock in period?

Technically No, If it is in less than 25 months  – Two months interest is discounted.

4. Is there any Collateral?

Yes. 25 Lakh rupees worth of property will be mortgaged and the same is registered in Sub – Registrar office.

5. Can I verify the property documents?


6. Can I buy the plot mortgaged in my name?

Yes, you can buy the plot at running market rate and subsequently SIP will be stopped.

7. How to track monthly SIPs happening in client name?

Monthly SIP’s can be tracked through our Cautilya Wealth Mobile APP.

8. I'm not interested in SIP rather I want in my account?

Yes,  you can but 3x to 4x return over a period of 100 months is not possible. 

9. Can I have multiple funds in my account for investments?

Yes, In multiples of 25 lakhs only.

10. How to trust if the land is free from disputes?

 Cautilya properties does 25 points checklist to verify all the documents pertaining to the land for minimum 50 years and the same is validated by property consultants/ advocates.

11. What if company defaults ?

Client can invoke mortgage clause and register the property in his name.

12. Can I See the property?

Yes , only on appointment basis.

13. Is there any Referal Schemes?

Yes, please refer to Affiliate page 

14. Can we do Joint Investment?

Yes .

15. Is the property Regulated?

Yes .